Lumbarda is a picturesque village on the eastern part of the island of Korcula, known for its sandy beaches, excellent white wine and rich and diverse cultural heritage from the early distant past.

It is located near the beautiful town of Korcula, and their geographical position, the lush Mediterranean vegetation and preserved architectural values a stunning rustic atmosphere. Lumbarda is also a place rich gastronomic offer in which, in addition to numerous fish specialties, you can enjoy local fruits and vegetables and many traditional desserts.Residents Lombarda nurture numerous customs, are skilled masons, farmers, fishermen, artists, and above all friendly hosts.

With scents like medicinal immortelle, lavender and rosemary, you will enjoy windswept intoxicating scent Ilja, coastal lily that grows on sandy beaches.With a view to grow to hundreds of agave and edible motar, and on the way to the sandy beaches you can enjoy the blackberries and figs, harmonious vineyards and olive groves.In the gardens of the population Lumbarda mostly with indigenous tomatoes, small lumbarajke, zucchini, cabbage, chard, grapes, jujube, and local residents often make excellent goat's milk cheese and a variety of liquors from local fruits and herbs.

In the center there is a sculpture of a famous Croatian artist from Lumbarda Frane Krsinica, in the picturesque village of Javic is the Torkul olive processing unit several hundred years old.In Lumbarda was found Lumbarda Psephisma, the famous ancient Greek historical document from the third century. This ancient stone document begins with the words 'Good luck'.Sometimes the Lumbarda settled nobility and gentry, and the rustic spirit still visible thanks preserved castelli, the surrounding olive groves and vineyards and rustic churches.The crystal clear sea conceals numerous underwater sites and offers unforgettable views of the flora and fauna of the underwater world that will fascinate those who are just discovering the magic of diving as well as experienced divers.

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