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CROATIA offers many attractions for diving tourism

The Croatian coastline, protected areas, the diverse range of tourist attractions of Croatia attracts many visitors from Europe and the World and is becoming increasingly attractive in diving tourism.


Starting from archaeological sites, old sunken ships, planes, underwater reefs, walls and caves while positive shock through the experience of silence visit the underwater world is an unforgettable experience, and an active holiday is becoming increasingly attractive to divers.

Adriatic hides numerous colonies of colorful sponges, soft corals, sea trees, tunicates, sea fans blossoming among which is the rare pink sea fans, variable yellow sponge, colorful gorgonian fields of red, yellow, pink and white, yellow and red sea anemones with stunning colors.

Navigating in this underwater paradise fish species of endangered shark to rosy and harmless seabass.

It is the home of starfish, lobster, octopus, torpedo, cramps, urchins, snails and colorful worm dog that every adventurer wished to see.

Adriatic has a high transparency and is something between the hot and the northern sea, rich in sites, flora and fauna.

Motives for diving range from research, photo, adventure, curiosity

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