Steamship  Garda (Wreck)

On the south side of the island near the bay  Pudarica  which is only 1.5 nm from Cape Raznjic are the remains of the Italian steamship Garda. Damaged in the stormy weather, the ship was sunk by 1938 along the coast. After World War II the greater part of the ship was pulled out. Today at depth of 24 meters, on a sandy bottom of the sea larger pieces of iron, winch, crane and big steamship chimney can been explored.


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Merchant ship Boka (Wreck)

 Ship Boka  sunk  after hitting the coast of the peninsula Peljesac in the bay Trstenica 1981.Now lying in the shallow - bow  is at 5 meters and the stern is at 15 meters. Overwater part of the ship was pulled out and parts of ship underwater  such as engine, propeller, cargo spaces are still always preserved. While diving, you can see a multitude of fish hidden deep in parts of the wreck.


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Rt.Raznjic (Wall)

On southeast end of the island of Korcula lays Ražnjić cape. Once upon a time, Marco Polo set out to explore the world from Korcula, and now he invokes undersea explorers to himself and offers them the beauty of the underwater that surrounds them. One of the places where it can see the cape is Ražnjić end of Lumbarda. Dive site is reached by boat and anchoring on the inner side of the cape. Diving leads to a series of wall that descends in cascades to deeper than 30 meters. The sea is excellent visibility .Because off end point of the island Korcula, sea currents are very strong, large colonies of sea fans, sponges and marine trees live there. Also at position of 24 meters medieval anchor can be seen.


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Island Majsan -Archaeological site

Island Majsan is located in the Korcula channel, just over a mile away from the town of Korcula. The island is a valuable archaeological site and former ancient and medieval anchorage. Evidence intensity of life on the island Majsan in ancient times, especially in Roman times, prove and remains of amphorae, anchors in the seabed at a depth of 35 meters. Anchorage is in shallow waters and descend in the mixed sandy and rocky bottom. On two places there can be found the remains of ships anchors that were there in quarantine. The tour goes through the sandy bottom and down through the rocks to a depth of 35 meters. The location is suitable for night diving, as well as for beginners who from a relatively small initial depth are going to explore the seafloor to a depth recommended their experience. Because bottom is rocky and mixed with sand and mud, in this position can be found groupers, torpedo fish, leaves.


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Island Lucnjak (Wall)

Position 10 meters away from the island descends to 10 meters on sandy bottom and then descent to a depth of 26 meters with vertical walls up to 34 meters deep. At the position it is possible to see a multitude of sponges, small fish, scorpion fish and rich in flora and fauna.


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Orlanduša (Cave, wall)

On the southern part of the island near the bay Orlanduša there is a cave that by means of the sun exudes a special light. In front of the cave there is canyon going to 18 meters and continues with wall descending down to 40 meters deep. In this position you can see a multitude of fish, crabs, snails and octopus.


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Ražnjić south (Cave, ridge)

The dive sites that starts with a small cave just at the surface and then descends gently to 18m down to 35 m where we can see in the cracks  multitude of lobster, grouper and fish passing through.


  • raznjic-(1)
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Bay Racisce:

Position in front of the Diving Center Lumbarda Blue. Access to the sea from beach with wooden quay from the center 30 meters away. The area enclosed signal buoys and railroad guarantee complete security dives .Completed logistics on the shore. To a depth 3-7 meters is sandy bottom ideal for carrying diving courses.
And many other interesting locations such as underwater remains from World War II, the interesting walls and rich history off lumbardablue.

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